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Private Password Protected Forums To Stay In Touch.

Stay In Touch With An Affordable Private Forum!

TFXK Enterprises presents affordable Private Forums (Bulletin Boards/Message Boards)


Private forums are password-protected and can only be read by authorized members of your group.
Your Private Forum is by Invitation Only. No one is permitted to participate or view information in the forum without your prior approval.
Better communications between members of your extended family, group, club, organization, or business can make your group more effective and keep your group's members better informed.
All of your forum members can communicate privately over the Internet, making all conversations easily available to everyone, 24 hours a day - 365 days a year!
Members of your group can collaborate from anywhere in the world, and all discussions can be searched by text keywords or by date anytime.
Any number of moderators can be assigned to the group to easily manage your private forum.


How much time do you spend playing "Phone Tag", trying to make certain everyone gets the message? Now you can post your information in your own private forum, and save yourself a great deal of headaches!
How much time and money do you spend sending out Holiday Cards every December? Nice, but wouldn't you rather stay in touch with these friends more than with a once-a-year card? Stop spending your money on stamps and cards! Stay in touch all year with a Private Forum.
Ever try to get everyone together for a Team/Club/Organization meeting? Good Luck! Everyone's personal schedules are so hectic, trying to fit in another meeting is next to impossible. There is always a couple people who just can't make it. With a Private Forum, everyone can make it (at a time that best fits their own schedule - not yours!).
Losing Track of Friends? Happens all the time! "Not at this Address" & "E-Mail Address Unknown" are all too familiar phrases to all of us. True friends are hard to find, and even harder to keep. Don't let time and distance break up those bonds of friendship you created in your lives. Start a Private Forum today. No matter where those close friends may go, they will always be able to stay together because you have created a special place where they can all meet at anytime.
Group Projects. Are you a leader of a team, working on projects that are constantly evolving? Information yesterday, is no longer valid today. Schedules change! Requirements change! Priorities change! Does everyone on the team know? When can you all get together again to discuss these changes? Whether you're working on a major project related to your job, or the coordinator of an event for your organization, a Private Forum can make life so much easier (less stress!).

Private Forums Have Many Uses & Benefits!

Find Out Just How Easy And Inexpensive It Can Be To Start Your Own Forum!

First 30 Days Are Free When You Sign Up Today!

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